Dance Science

What is Dance Science?

Dance science is a relatively new field of research and practice, it encompasses the following as a basic guide:

  • Biomechanics applies the laws of mechanics and physics to the analysis of human performance: explaining how and why the human body moves as it does, whilst considering the interaction between the performer and their environment/equipment
  • Physiology – how exercise alters the function and structure (anatomy) of the body
  • Nutrition – nutritional practises specific to athletic populations and their performance
  • Psychology and Somatic Practices – How psychological factors affect performance, the implementation of psychological skills and somatic practices for performance enhancement from goal setting and motivation to relaxation.

Each one of these is specific to dancers and dance training. This includes prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, optimisation of technique and physiology and nutritional and body composition considerations for optimal dance aesthetic and health.

Dance scientists can offer advice to dancers on how to achieve optimal performance and health.

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