Talks and Workshops

As a specialist in child and adolescent development there are a number of talks and workshops I offer which can be tailored to dance teachers, students or parent/guardians of young dancers. Prices and further information can be obtained via email. Talks and workshops can be booked here.

Covering a number of topics, available for individuals or groups, sessions are available either as a lecture (in the form of an academic presentation, with the opportunity for questions and discussion) or as a workshop (a longer session with a more practical focus and interactive approach). Lectures and workshops can be offered online via Zoom, or in person.

Sessions are typically 1.5 – 2 hours duration, as appropriate to your requirements. All sessions are tailored to your requirements.

  • Introduction to Growth and Maturation in dance – Aimed at those who want an in depth introduction to the topic of growth and maturation and its implications or those who feel they would benefit from an update on their knowledge in this area. Covers both physiological and psychological development, implications for performance and health and consideration of best practice for negotiating these changes. This session can be tailored to dance teachers, dance students or those who support young dancers (parent/guardians and pastoral staff)
  • Training the adolescent dancer: Physiological and Psychological perspectives – Offers an overview of physiological and psychological changes at puberty, implications of these changes for young dancers and best practice for negotiating them. This session is ideal as an introductory session for any individuals working with young people in a dance context (covers similar content to ‘Introduction to growth and maturation in dance’ but less in depth)
  • Social, emotional and cognitive development in dance – Aimed at teachers of dance. Covers the developmental tasks of childhood and adolescence, how to facilitate healthy development and promote mental health and well-being in children and young people in the dance studio. Explores the ways in which the social, emotional and cognitive growth of young people can be fostered as part of their dance education and offers the teacher a theoretical basis and practical strategies for attending to these issues.
  • Managing and monitoring growth and maturation – Aimed at those who already understand the basics and have a good understanding of the implications of maturity timing. This workshop gives an overview of different methods for assessing growth and maturation with consideration of suitability for their use in a dance context; provides an applied approach to monitoring growth and maturation with opportunity to gain practical experience in measurement and monitoring of height. This workshop will also provide an opportunity for teachers to share experiences of managing and monitoring growth and maturation specific to their own teaching context, thoughts on best practice and to what extent consideration/monitoring of growth and maturation is suitable within different teaching contexts.
  • Maturity timing: Implications for health and performance – Introduction to maturity timing aimed at those who already know the basics of growth and maturation and the implications for dance and want to advance their knowledge. The workshop will cover how to measure maturity and how timing is defined; the physical and psychological implications of differing maturation timing; health and performance implications related to maturity timing in dance. This workshop will also provide an opportunity for teachers to share experiences of managing differing maturity timing specific to their own teaching context and thoughts on best practice.
  • The Healthy Dancer: Introduction to dance science principles – Looks at principles of training, basic performance psychology, components of physical fitness, injury prevention and management and basic nutrition. This content is best delivered as a module across 3-5 sessions. 

If there is a topic not covered on this list that you are interested in please email to discuss your requirements. 

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