The GuiDANCE project

The GuiDANCE project (Growing up in dance: Enhancing education and creating sustainable practices in growth and maturation in the dance sector) is a collaboration between the University of Exeter and 3 key UK dance organisations led by Dr Siobhan Mitchell. The project aims to address the challenges associated with the pubertal transition in dance for young people. There are lots of ways to contribute to the project if you’re interested…

Introducing the GuiDANCE Network

The GuiDANCE Network project aims to capitalise on the momentum and partnerships built during the GuiDANCE project and to cultivate impact through supporting a network for engagement between researchers and key organisations within the dance sector. More specifically, to convert the progress made in the GuiDANCE project into tangible resources for the dance sector and to set up a network to support and sustain this work going forward.

Call for advisory group members!

As part of the GuiDANCE Network, we are seeking to put together a parent advisory group who will inform the development of resources. We are seeking parents of children and young people who dance. Being part of the advisory group would involve (1) Attending several virtual meetings (2) Using your experience to inform research and best practice in this area.

Please get in contact via

Seeking focus group members!

Want to hear more about the GuiDANCE project?

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