Handy resources

Here’s a few handy resources you can easily access via the web. These links have some basic info on the topic of the adolescent dancer and are a good starting point for anybody interested in finding out more.

Information sheets created for One Dance UK on the adolescent dancer:

Mitchell, S.B. (2018). Psychological implications of puberty in dance. Accessed via https://www.onedanceuk.org/resource/growing-dancer-psychological-physiological-challenges-siobhan-mitchell/    

Mitchell, S.B. (2018). The growing dancer: Physiological challenges. Accessed via https://www.onedanceuk.org/resource/growing-dancer-psychological-physiological-challenges-siobhan-mitchell/

Daniels, K. (2009). Teaching to the Whole Dancer, The IADMS Bulletin for Teachers, Vol 1, no. 1, pp8–10. Accessed via https://iadms.org/media/2938/iadms-bulletin-vol1n1.pdf

IADMS Education Committee. (2000). The Challenge of the Adolescent Dancer. Accessed via https://iadms.org/media/3585/iadms-resource-paper-the-challenge-of-the-adolescent-dancer.pdf

The Core Science of Adolescent Development, UCLA Center for the Developing Adolescent: https://developingadolescent.semel.ucla.edu/topics/item/the-core-science-of-adolescent-development

These information sheets cover the basics, for more in depth knowledge please get in touch to book a course or talk.

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