Research on the adolescent dancer

There’s not many research papers specific to adolescence in the context of dance. Below is a list of ones to check out if you’re interested in finding out more about this topic…

Bowerman, E., Whatman, C., Harris, N., & Bradshaw, E. (2015). A review of the risk factors for lower extremity overuse injuries in young elite female ballet dancers. Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, 19(2), 51-56.

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Mitchell, S. B., Haase, A. M., & Cumming, S. P. (2021). Of Grit and Grace: Negotiating Puberty, Surviving and Succeeding in Professional Ballet. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 29 (2). 

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Cumming, S.P., Searle, C., Hemsley, J.K., Haswell, F., Edwards, H., Scott, S., Gross, A., Ryan, D., Lewis, J., White, P., Cain, A., Mitchell, S.B., & Malina, R.M (2018). Biological maturation, relative age and self-regulation in male professional academy soccer players: A test of the underdog hypothesis, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 39, 147-153.

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